Junk Silver at 12x Face

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Junk Silver at 12x Face

To all my subscribers out there. I just want to say thank you for subscribing. I promise you it will pay off. Arizona Gold & Silver Dealers is dedicated to protecting our clients from collector/numismatic offerings that charge you huge premiums that you will never recover.

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We have a very large inventory. Some of which you can view on our website. We always cut deals to new clients and lower our prices for our existing clients. The pricing matrix will give you a ballpark price, but when you’re ready to pull the trigger call us. We can usually beat the prices listed on our site.

– Scott Gallow, Managing Partner

Now Is The Time To Buy Junk Silver

I usually do not speculate on the market, however, on this first special edition I will. Spot has plummeted on silver over the past 3 weeks. Yet all the major online dealers are still charging big premiums on Junk Silver.

What is Junk Silver

Pre-1965 US 90% silver coins, commonly called “junk silver coins” because they carry no numismatic (collector) value, are a popular way to invest in silver coins. Junk silver coins come in bags of dimes, quarters and half-dollars.

Why Buy Junk Silver Now

It is a relatively safe investment
It spikes when silver goes up and holds more of it’s value when it goes down
It does not get hit as hard as other investments in a declining market