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Buying Gold Coins

ABuying gold coins is the most popular ways to invest in physical gold. Buying gold bullion bars is the second most popular. There are two types of gold coins: bullion coins and numismatic coins.
Truly, gold bars are an exciting way to invest in gold. Hefting large gold bars almost causes an adrenalin rush. Invariably, people holding large gold bars for the first time ask, “How can something so small be so heavy?” A huge amount of wealth can be stored and concealed in gold bars.

'Bullion Coins' are coins made from precious metals that are generally used for investment purposes. Bullion coins are usually made from gold and silver, and may also be available in platinum and palladium.

Gold bullion coins sell for the value of their gold content with small premiums (2% to 5%) to cover cost of production and distribution. In contrast, typically promoted numismatic coins can have premiums of 30%, 50%, even 100%, depending on the dealer.

Bullion vs. Numismatic Coins

What is the difference between a bullion and a numismatic coin?

Bullion coins are gold and silver coins purchased for one of three reasons:

  1. investment
  2. inflation hedge
  3. survival

A bullion coin’s weight is expressed as an even amount, such as 1-ounce, 1/2-ounce or even grams (for gold and silver bars).

Bullion coins are manufactured year-to-year and are usually purchased primarily as an investment.

Examples of bullion coins include:

  • U.S. Gold Eagles
  • Canadian Gold Maples
  • U.S. Silver Eagles
  • Canadian Silver Maples
  • South African Krugerrands


Numismatic Coins

Numismatic coins are considered collectible and are not produced in modern times. These coins are are primarily valued for their rarity and not as much for their actual metal content.

Numismatic coins are generally worth more than their metal content. They are very rare and are purchased mainly by collectors. They are not typically held as an investment.

Examples of numismatic coins include:

  • Pre-1933 $20, $10 Eagle coins
  • Peace Silver Dollars
  • Swiss 20 Francs
  • British Sovereigns

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